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Founded by beet growers in 1870 as a stock company

The Schladen sugar factory is located in the transition area between the Hildesheim Börde and Magdeburg Börde regions.

The historic roots of the factory in Schladen stretch back to 1870. It was therefore one of the first sugar factories to be founded in the Braunschweig area, which has a long tradition of sugar production. In the 1920s and 30s, there were more than 40 sugar factories operating in this region around Schladen. Today, the factory in Schladen is the only one remaining in the district of Wolfenbüttel.

We have invested extensively in modernizing the factory in recent years to significantly improve its productivity and efficiency.

In 2017, Nordzucker obtained certification for the factory to process ecologically grown sugar beet in Germany. Organic sugar  is enjoying increased demand and is marketed along with organic sugar from Nykøbing and Kėdainiai.


Nordzucker AG
Werk Schladen
Bahnhofstrasse 13
38315 Schladen

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