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Sustainability in figures

Transparency and measurability – for results that count

Sustainable progress is also expressed in figures. They make our successes visible and at the same time show us where we can improve even more in the future. That is why we have been recording sustainability-relevant values for many years, from the use of resources to energy and space efficiency to social indicators. This makes it clear that our activities are bearing fruit. On this basis, we want to continue to improve our performance in the future.

Key sustainability figures 2022/23

Scope 1 emissions
0.35 t CO₂/t of sugar
Scope 2 emissions
0.02 t CO₂/t of sugar
Energy intensity
2.66 MWh/t of sugar
Share of renewable energy
Product Carbon Footprint*
0.68 kg CO₂/kg sugar
Water consumption
1.70 m³/t of sugar
Number of work accidents
Female employees

* This Product Carbon Footprint refers to the year 2021 and is only valid for sugar extraction in sugar beet factories. It is a weighted average and uses the economic allocation. Other production sites are not yet included.

We have been reducing CO₂ emissions from our plants for many years. With the Go Green project we are going even further - and in the long term want to fully switch to renewable energies.

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