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Guided factory tours

From beet to crystal sugar – in just 12 hours

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit us and see how sugar crystals are produced!

The Nordzucker sugar beet campaign (processing of sugar beet) typically takes place in Europe from September to January. In Australia, the campaign to process sugar cane takes place from July to early December.

In Europe, our factories in Germany, Eastern Europe and Northern Europe operate around the clock, seven days a week for a period of 100 to 120 days to process a total of over five million tonnes of sugar beet. During this busy time, however, our doors are open to curious visitors who now have a unique opportunity to take a guided tour of our factories and see sugar being transformed from beet into crystal sugar.

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Sugar is incorporated by the sugar beet as an energy storage. In a sugar factory, we release this stored liquid solar energy from the cells and crystallize it into hard sugar crystals.

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