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Our corporate headquarters are in Braunschweig

Braunschweig is home to Nordzucker’s headquarters as well as the location where it conducts its quality assurance, innovation and production support activities.

Braunschweig was an important location for sugar processing in the 19th century. Our corporate headquarters have been at the historic location in Braunschweig since Nordzucker was founded in 1997. Around 200 employees work here at the headquarters of Nordzucker AG and ensure that our processes run smoothly for the benefit of our customers.


Nordzucker AG
Küchenstrasse 9
38100 Braunschweig

Digitalisation and Technology Service and the Product Development

Our second location in Braunschweig is as a section of our Digitalisation and Technology Service (DTS) department and as well home to our Product Development.


Nordzucker AG
Langer Kamp 5
38106 Braunschweig

Digitalisation and Technology Service (DTS)

The employees in the DTS department look after the technical aspects of our production in particular. This is where Nordzucker’s technological standards are set.

The department also provides technical support to employees at our factory s as well as training to our staff involved in technical operations. In addition, information systems for the Agri and Logistics areas are developed in this department.

The development of new non-sugar products made from sugar beet is always an exciting area. This department thus develops new products made from sugar beet. They serve to enhance the entire value chain.

The department has employees in Braunschweig, Nakskov, Örtofta and Copenhagen.

Product development

As well as developing products made from sugar, this department also adapts and improves them. Entire concepts for various sugar products are developed and managed here. In partnership with our customers, this department also enhances how our products are used.

In addition, the methods used to test our various sugar products are developed here. This enables us to describe them specifically and guarantee their quality at all times.

We also have product development employees in Arlöv and Copenhagen.

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