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Refinery in Southern Sweden

The factory produces specialities from raw sugar. Its processing operations will soon be moved to Örtofta.

The factory in Arlöv in Southern Sweden is one of Nordic Sugar’s two sugar refineries which produce specialities. When the factory in Arlöv commenced operations in 1869, it was a combined refinery and beet factory. The last campaign with its own beet processing took place in 1958. Since then, we have been processing raw sugar into specialities at the Arlöv factory. The raw sugar is supplied from the Örtofta factory.

We produce a large number of sugar specialities in Arlöv. Most of these are marketed to the retail sector under the DanSukker brand. We also produce liquid sugar there, which is specially adapted to the special needs of our customers.


Nordic Sugar Arlöv
Sockerbruksgatan 4
Box 32
S-23221 Arlöv

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