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Located in Denmark on the island of Lolland

Once the largest sugar factory in Northern Europe. Located on the island of Lolland, Nakskov is one of two sugar factories in Denmark.

When the Nakskov sugar factory was built in Southern Denmark in 1882, it could process 300 tonnes of sugar beet per day. This made the factory one of the largest sugar-producing facilities in Northern Europe at the time. Today the factory in Nakskov is one of two factories in Denmark and equipped with a modern steam dryer. Around 140 employees work here and are supported by another 40 temporary staff during the campaign. In Nakskov, we produce sugar for the food industry as well as molasses and animal feed.

Some of the employees in the Quality, Innovation, Production Support (QIPS) department are also based in Nakskov. A description of its activities can be found under the Braunschweig location.


Nordic Sugar Nakskov
Tietgensvej 1
Postboks 139
4900 Nakskov

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