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Diversity is competence

We live up to our values: responsibility, dedication, courage and appreciation. We believe that diversity is a key factor for success.

Diversity Charter

Diversity is essential for us. The Diversity Charter promotes the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in the working world. It is an employer initiative aimed at fostering diversity in companies and institutions.

Nordzucker signed the Diversity Charter in 2013, joining other representatives of German business in officially pledging to recognize and value diversity. The implementation of diversity management is reflected in our corporate four values.

Women in leadership

„Women in Leadership“ – this is more than just a label to us. It is important to promote the exchange of thought on this topic. We start with ourselves, by creating a culture of equality at Nordzucker, which comes naturally. We support initiatives that actively promote exchange of thought on this matter. As such, we were strategic partner of PANDA GmbH. 

We are PANDA is the network for women in leadership and offers cross-sector network and its own platform for exchange, for mutual support and personal and professional development. 

In 2018, Nordzucker organized the first national network event “Women’s quota – absurdity, legal requirement or mission?” in cooperation with PANDA GmbH and the German Federal Association of Human Resources Managers (BPM). The event was well attended by 70 guests from all over Germany. It aimed at creating a platform for exchange of thought and discussion about women in leadership.

We live up to our four corporate values: Responsibility, Courage, Dedication and Appreciation

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