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Company structure

European and global growth

Nordzucker has been on a course of growth for many years while seizing opportunities, as can be seen in our company structure with its range of companies across various countries.

Sugar beet cultivation in Europa is the foundation of our core business. This is where Nordzucker AG has grown as a company and this is where we enjoy success with our subsidiaries in many different countries. Our majority stake in Australia’s second-biggest sugar producer Mackay Sugar Limited has enabled us to continue on our journey of internationalization and expand into cane sugar production: The Nordzucker Group. A sugar company through and through. And today one of the leading producers globally.

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Group structure Nordzucker AG

Nordzucker GmbH & Co. KG Braunschweig / Germany100 %
Nordzucker Ireland Ltd. Dublin / Ireland100 %
Nordic Sugar A/B, Malmö / Sweden100 %
Nordic Sugar A/S, Copenhagen / Denmark100 %
UAB Nordzucker Business Service Center Kaunas / Lithuania100 %
Nordzucker Polska S.A., Opalenica / Poland99.87 %
Považský cukor a.s., Trenčianska Teplá / Slovakia96.80 %
Suomen Sokeri OY, Kantvik / Finland80 %
Sucros OY, Säkylä / Finland80 %
AB Nordic Sugar Kėdainiai, Kėdainiai / Lithuania70.60 %
Mackay Sugar Limited Ltd., Mackay / Australia70 %
Norddeutsche Flüssigzucker GmbH & Co. KG, Braunschweig / Germany70 %
Regionally rooted and globally positioned. Our corporate structure has a long and interesting history. Read more about growth, committed farmers and engineers.

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