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One of our younger factories, having commenced operations in 1883

290 tonnes a day were processed in its first beet campaign back then.

The factory began operating in 1883 as “Aktien-Zuckerfabrik Uelzen” (Uelzen sugar factory stock company). In 1939, the facility in Uelzen was one of the largest raw sugar factories in Germany. Today, it is our biggest factory. We produce about one third of our sugar for the retail sector in Germany here. Uelzen is therefore our main location for the production of household sugar and special sugar types.
Our increased silo capacity and a new high-bay warehouse built in 2019/2020 have enabled us to satisfy customer requirements even more.


Nordzucker AG
Werk Uelzen
An der Zuckerfabrik 1
29525 Uelzen

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