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Klein Wanzleben

Sugar factory and bioethanol facility in a symbiotic relationship

The first sugar factory began operating in 1838 in Klein Wanzleben. The location thus marks the founding year of the present Nordzucker AG. At the same time, the factory is now one of the most modern sugar factories in Europe.

Klein Wanzleben is one of the oldest sugar processing locations in Germany. We constructed the new factory in Klein Wanzleben, located to the west of Magdeburg, between 1992 and 1994 as part of the reorganization of the sugar industry in Saxony-Anhalt. 

The factory symbolizes the company’s philosophy from a technical perspective and continues to set standards in terms of its design and technology. The technical equipment in the finished product segment enables us to respond very flexibly to customer requirements. Since 2007, the factory has been supplying the adjoining bioethanol production facility with raw juice – an intermediate product of the sugar extraction process – during its campaign.


Nordzucker AG
Werk Klein Wanzleben
Magdeburger Landstrasse 1-5
39164 Stadt Wanzleben-Börde

Bioethanol facility

In 2007, we constructed a bioethanol facility at our Klein Wanzleben location with a capacity of 130,000 cubic metres of bioethanol per year. The advantages of this location were its position in the middle of a beet-growing area, the existing logistical infrastructure and our adjacent sugar factory. This enables us to benefit from synergies in logistics, raw material processing, energy supply and human resources.

The production of bioethanol from sugar beet involves the use of raw juice from the Klein Wanzleben factory during the campaign and thick juice and molasses from several of our other locations during the rest of the year.

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