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Raw sugar from sugar cane

Built in 1883, the factory is situated around 10 km northwest of Mackay, Queensland (Australia).

The Farleigh cane sugar factory is one of the three factories owned by Mackay Sugar Limited (MSL) in which Nordzucker has a 70 per cent shareholding. All three factories are situated northwest of Mackay in the State of Queensland, Australia. 

The cane sugar factory in Farleigh was built in 1883 and continues to produce raw sugar from sugar cane today. The sugar cane grows in the area surrounding the factory and is transported from the fields to the factory during the crushing season using the factory’s own railway network.

The raw sugar is exported or further processed into white sugar. This is mainly done at the adjacent Racecourse location, where MSL operates a refinery together with a partner. 

In addition to raw sugar, molasses and crushed sugar cane – bagasse – are marketed.


Mackay Sugar – Farleigh Mill 
Armstrong Street
Farleigh via Mackay
Queensland 4741

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