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Location of a sugar factory and a refinery

The historic roots of the Chełmża sugar factory located near Toruń stretch back to the end of the 19th century, when the factory was founded. The first sugar beet campaign took place there in 1882.

As part of the privatization process, we acquired a majority shareholding in 2000. Between 2000 and 2006, we invested extensively in modernizing the factory to make it more productive and efficient. Our aim was to improve customer satisfaction even further while also satisfying our high standards in sugar quality, environmental protection and energy conservation.

Today, we produce crystalline white sugar in Chełmża and supply it to the retail sector in 1-kilogramme bags and to industry in 50-kilogramme sacks and Bigbags.

At this location we can further process raw sugar into crystalline white sugar.


Nordzucker Polska S.A.
Factory Chełmża
ul. Bydgoska 4
87-140 Chełmża

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