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Syrups – in various colours and flavours

Syrup is a partly inverted sugar product consisting of saccharose, glucose, fructose and salt. The combination of the various types of sugar prevents crystallisation and the very high sugar content guarantees a long shelf-life.

Our syrup is available in various colour and flavour options from White, through Yellow, Dark Yellow, Brown and Dark Brown to Black Syrup. White Syrup provides a neutral sweetness whereas the other products, besides sweetness, also provide flavours and aromas such as caramel in the lighter ones and liquorice and strong dark notes in the darker ones.

Syrup is mainly used in baked goods and confectionery but can also be used in granola and in savoury applications such as marinades, glazes and dressing. We also offer speciality syrups such as Glucose Syrup and Malt Syrup.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. We are active and committed in many ways. Our projects show where we currently focus on.

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