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Liquid Sugar

Liquid Solutions based on pure saccharose and water

Liquid Sugar is sugar in dissolved form, and the product is recommended for many areas of application in the food industry such as drinks, jams, marmalades, cordials, pickles and Preserves.

Liquid Sugar solutions

Our sugar solutions consist of pure saccharose dissolved in water and are therefore always clear and light-coloured. The advantage of liquid sugar compared to crystal sugar is that it is already dissolved, has undergone sterile filtration, and is pasteurised. The customer therefore needs no investment in equipment for dissolving, filtering and pasteurisation.

Our Liquid Sugar has high microbiological stability and general stability, making it particularly suitable for beverages. Our Liquid Sugar also comes in an organic version. Liquid sugar are also available in the quality standard specified by the EU sugar type directive.

Liquid Invert Sugar

We also produce Liquid Invert Sugar by hydrolysis of saccharose. Our products are divided into partially inverted liquid sugar consisting of glucose, fructose and saccharose, and fully inverted liquid sugar, which only contains glucose and fructose. The colour of Liquid Invert Sugar ranges from clear and light-coloured to slightly yellow. The products are available with different dry substance contents.

Liquid Invert Sugar has the perfect sugar composition for alcohol-free refreshing drinks, as it creates barely any difference in the sugar composition after the drinks have been filled. The use of Liquid Invert Sugar in drinks creates a fuller taste as it supports the fruit aroma.Liquid Invert Sugar retards crystallisation, which is a benefit in the production of chocolate fillings or hard caramel, but also in ice-cream production as it lowers the freezing point and prevents the formation of large crystals of ice.

Fructose Syrup

Fructose syrup is a solution of fructose in water with a solid content of at least 95 per cent fructose. There may also be small amounts of glucose and saccharose present (maximum 5 per cent of the solid content) produced as a by-product of the production process.

Because of its very high solubility, Fructose Syrup is a stable solution which tends not to recrystallise even at low temperatures. It has a higher sweetening strength compared with saccharose. Fructose Syrup is particularly suitable for moisture stabilisation in confectionery and pastries.

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