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Cane Sugar

High-quality cane sugar products

In addition to sugar produced from sugar beets, we also supply sugar produced from sugar cane. Such sugar is available in a golden brown variety, but also as semi-white and white sugar.

Our Demerara Cane Sugar products are high quality with a golden brown colour and an aromatic flavour. In addition to its functional properties, Demerara Sugar serves both to add flavour and to decorate, and is often used in desserts, baked goods, dressings, ice cream and sauces. Demerara products are also often used to add extra flavour to hot and cold drinks.

Our range of cane sugars also includes semi-white and white cane sugar products. In all types of cane sugar products, we also offer Fairtrade and Organic versions.

Muscovado Sugar

In addition to the well-known traditional cane sugar, we also supply Muscovado Sugar, an aromatic and tasty cane sugar product with small crystals and a moist consistency. Muscovado Sugar originally comes from Mauritius and is extracted from sugar cane. The sugar is processed as little as possible to retain the aroma and colour. Dark Muscovado Sugar has a liquorice-like flavour and is used mainly in baked goods, ice cream, desserts, spices, sauces, marinades and dressings.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. We are active and committed in many ways. Our projects show where we currently focus on.

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