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Crystal Sugar/ Granulated Sugar

Crystal Sugar in many variants and grain sizes

Crystal Sugar, also known as Granulated Sugar, is our main product, and comes in many different qualities and grain sizes. Crystal Sugar can be used for almost all sweetening purposes.

Crystal Sugar / Granulated Sugar

Crystal Sugar is our most sold product; we produce it in EU1 and EU2 qualities. Sold in both bulk and bags. Granulated Sugar is used in most applications. EU1 quality is often used where the purity requirements are extra high, for example in essences.

Screened Crystal Sugar / Screened Granulated Sugar

In our screened crystal sugar fine grains and coarse grains have been sieved out, for example in Screened Granulated Sugar 250–400. Other products have extra narrow particle size distribution, for example Screened Granulated Sugar EU1 390. Screened Granulated Sugar is used in dry mixtures for spices, soups, desserts and beverages, and for surface treatment and coatings for confectionery.

Coarse Grain Sugar

Our Coarse Grain Sugar is crystallised sucrose as large transparent crystals. The average size of the crystals is between 700 and 1400 μm. Coarse Grain Sugar is used mainly for manufacturing and decorating baked goods and confectionery products.

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