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Sugars for fermentation

Dry and liquid sugar as substrates for fermentation

We supply various types of sugar suitable for fermentation. Our Crystal Sugar is available in both dry and liquid forms, with various specifications.

Crystal Sugar

A mixture of sugar crystals and liquor is centrifuged to separate the white sugar crystals. The separated liquor, which still contains significant amounts of sugar, is sent to a second and then a third crystallisation stage, to ensure that the yield is maximised without compromising quality. 

The separated white sugar crystals discharged from the centrifuges still contain up to 1 % moisture. The remaining moisture is removed by passing the sugar into a rotating dryer, through which filtered, heated air is passed. The moisture level of the sugar at this stage is about 0.06 %. Further drying occurs when the sugar is conveyed to the silos or packing areas and in conditioning silos.

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Liquid Invert sugar

Invert sugar syrups are produced through the hydrolysis of saccharose. There are various types, from partially inverted syrups consisting of glucose, fructose and saccharose, and fully inverted syrups which only contain glucose and fructose. The colour of invert sugar syrups ranges from clear and light-coloured to slightly yellow. Invert sugars ensure a high dry matter content in liquid sugar solutions as compared to ordinary crystal sugar dissolved in water.

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We have a broad range of sugar products for the food industry.

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