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Nordzucker Post is our online newsletter: You will find the latest information about our company. As well as the online version, Nordzucker Post is available in PDF format from our download centre. Please click here if you would like to sign-up for the Nordzucker Post newsletter.
Issue 02/2022 - 2 June 2022
SweetFamily organic jam sugar made from 100 per cent northern German sugar beet
With three varieties of SweetFamily organic jam sugar, Nordzucker combines regionality and the best organic quality. For several years now, we have been offering jam […]
Issue 01/2022 - 10 February 2022
Lars Gorissen: Good harvest - good prices
Dear Readers, we have successfully concluded the 2021/22 campaign. The harvest was at a good average level throughout the company, and in Germany we even […]
Issue 01/2022 - 10 February 2022
Executive Board restructured - focus on sustainability, excellence and growth
From 1 March 2022, the structure of Nordzucker AG’s Executive Board responsibilities will be restructured. Dr Lars Gorissen as Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Bott as […]
Issue 01/2022 - 10 February 2022
Axel Aumüller is leaving the Executive Board of Nordzucker on 28 February 2022
As a life’s work, Axel Aumüller characterises his professional career for Nordzucker, its predecessor companies and his voluntary commitment to the entire sugar branch. He […]
Issue 01/2022 - 10 February 2022
Nordzucker has successfully concluded the 2021/22 campaign
Overall, the campaign went well at all production sites. Some of the yields are well above average. Corona infection chains were largely prevented at the […]
Issue 01/2022 - 10 February 2022
Mackay Sugar: Second best harvest in the last ten years
After a busy season, Mackay Sugar has completed the 2021 crush in Australia. More than 5.3 million tonnes of cane with an average CCS (Commercial […]
Issue 01/2022 - 10 February 2022
2021/22 financial year – Clear increase in earnings compared to previous year expected
In the first three quarters of the 2021/22 financial year, the Nordzucker Group increased sales from 1,256 Million Euro to 1,463 Million Euro. Thanks to […]
Issue 01/2022 - 10 February 2022
Go Green - Nordzucker optimistic about self-imposed CO₂ targets
With its Go Green program, Nordzucker has committed itself to an extremely ambitious goal of getting sugar out of sugar beet without fossil fuels by […]
Issue 01/2022 - 10 February 2022
Prize for apprentices in Klein Wanzleben
Klaus Ohlbricht, President of the Magdeburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce, awarded the 2021 Education Prize to Nordzucker, Klein Wanzleben plant, at a ceremony in […]
Issue 01/2022 - 10 February 2022
Meeting of German Beet Growers: Specialist and Winter Meetings 2021/22
Like the previous specialist meetings, those in December 2021 also took place digitally. A wide audience was able to hear content on the topics of […]
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