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Nordzucker Post 2/2023 - 24 May 2023

Sugar beet 2023: Delayed, but well grown

Sowing was delayed this year by rainfall in all countries. In the meantime, almost all beet has been drilled.

Sowing is largely complete in all countries, even in Finland, where sowing is usually late due to the climate there. The period of drilling was repeatedly interrupted by rainfall and thus extended over a longer period. The sugar beet development varied accordingly and was delayed by an average of 14 days compared to previous years. In Lithuania, about 80 hectares had to be re-drilled after frost nights.

During emergence, the young beet had good conditions this year. Sufficient rain from the first months of the year contributed to this and led to good stands of 80,000 to 100,000 plants per hectare, which are developing well so far. The basis for a successful beet growing year has been laid.

On the early drilled areas, the first weed control measures have been completed. Especially in the last few days, the occurrence of pests such as aphids has increased significantly. The insecticide monitoring in AgriPortal Consult and in the AgriPortal mobile app offer beet growers good support in the systematic protection of the plants.

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