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Growers as shareholders, in a trust-based partnership cultivated over generations

The history of Nordzucker is reflected in its shareholder structure in particular as the majority of our shareholders are active beet farmers – a connection that strengthens our company.

Nordzucker AG is a non-listed stock company. Nordzucker Holding AG is the parent company of Nordzucker AG. It holds 83.8 per cent of the shares in Nordzucker AG, which runs the operating business. The Nordzucker Holding AG is managing the investment, the shares and the beet delivery title. The company’s main purpose is to consolidate and represent the interests of the agricultural shareholders, in particular at the Annual General Meeting of Nordzucker AG.

Union-Zucker Südhannover GmbH holds 11.1 per cent of the shares in Nordzucker AG.

Around 95 per cent of the shares are therefore held by the two holding companies. Around 5 per cent of the shares in Nordzucker AG are in free float.

Nordzucker AG

Nordzucker AG holds an Annual General Meeting every year. All dates and documents relating to the Annual General Meeting of Nordzucker AG can be found here.

Nordzucker Holding AG

All information about Nordzucker Holding, the Annual General Meeting and the Annual Report can be found here.

Union-Zucker Südhannover GmbH

Union-Zucker Südhannover GmbH holds an ordinary shareholders’ meeting once a year. All the important documents and links relating to Union-Zucker Südhannover GmbH can be found here.

Nordzucker Aktientreff

The shares of Nordzucker AG are held as shares registered in the name of the respective shareholder (registered shares). They are not listed on the stock exchange but can be freely traded since the transfer restriction was lifted in 2005. The shares of Nordzucker Holding AG are subject to a delivery title. These shares can be purchased by beet growers, tenants and lessors of beet-capable land in the Nordzucker catchment area.

Nordzucker has developed into a globally operating company. Founded in Germany and today active in Europe and Australia. Learn more about the structure of our Group.

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