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Whistleblower System

Act responsibly. Report violations. Strengthen trust.

Our aim is to act in accordance with the law and our Code of Conduct and company rules in all aspects of our business.

Our whistleblower system offers various channels to inform us about compliance violations at Nordzucker, our business partners and in the associated supply chains. You can support us and report misconduct and violations of regulations – also anonymously.

You can inform us thereof by sending an email to compliance@nordzucker.com or by using our online portal SpeakUp.

You can find our guideline on the whistleblower system in different languages here.


Who can report information?

Anyone. Nordzucker employees as well as external persons and organisations can report information about compliance violations.

Where can I submit reports?

You have various options to report information on compliance violations:

  • Online portal SpeakUp:
    You can submit your report at any time via our online portal SpeakUp – in writing or by telephone and, if you prefer, anonymously.
  • By email:
    Would you like to contact us via another channel to submit a report? That is also possible. Simply send an email to compliance@nordzucker.com. Briefly describe your concern and let us know how we can best contact you. Our Compliance Coordinators will then get in touch with you.

Don’t worry: In both cases your request will be treated confidentially and discreetly.

The choice is yours: Chose the option you feel most comfortable with. If our employees suspect a compliance violation, we encourage them to contact their direct superior first and discuss the next steps together.

What can I report?

Contact us, if you have a reasonable and verifiable suspicion that Nordzucker employees or business partners are violating laws and/or our Code of Conduct.

But please remember: A compliance violation is serious and could result in consequences under labour law and disciplinary actions. A mere rumour is not sufficient. The more evidence you have, the more specific and detailed you describe a compliance violation, the better we can investigate the incident.

Can I also report violations of human rights and environmental standards

Of course. In such cases you can also use SpeakUp. Alternatively, you can contact our Human Rights Officer directly at humanrightsofficer@nordzucker.com.

Can I reach out, if I only have questions but do not want to report a violation?

Of course. We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you, if you are not sure about a suspected compliance violation or have doubts about how to proceed. In this case you have two options:

  • In the online portal SpeakUp, select the “Request/Seeking advice” category.
  • Or you can contact the function Compliance Coordination of Nordzucker directly at compliance@nordzucker.com.

What information is helpful for processing my report?

The more detailed your information is, the better we can process your report. The following five questions will help you with submitting your report and us with the further processing of your report:

  • Who? – Who is affected? Who is involved?
  • What? – What happened? Description of the facts.
  • When? – When did the incident happen?
  • How? – How did the incident happen?
  • Where? – Where did the incident take place?

Please also inform us if you are unable to provide information on all questions. Important: However, we can only investigate reports that are made in good faith or are verifiable and plausible.

How does SpeakUp work?

If you would like to report a violation or a suspected violation, click on the “Submit report/seek advice” button on the SpeakUp introductory page.

The reporting process comprises three steps:

  1. First, please read the information on protecting your anonymity and answer the security query.
  2. Then select the focus of your concern (violation of the Code of Conduct, violation of other legal regulations, etc.).
  3. On the report page you can describe the incident in detail, answer questions and optionally upload files (max. 5 MB).

Tip: Remember that documents may contain information about the author. As long as you do not enter any personal data (e.g. name, function, age, address), you remain anonymous.

Why should I set up a secured postbox for an anonymous report?

As we may have questions concerning your report, it is helpful, if you leave your contact details. This will allow us to stay in touch with you, provide feedback on the status of the investigation or ask you for additional information.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, this is possible with the secured postbox in the online portal SpeakUp.

How do I set up a secured postbox?

It’s simple: You give yourself a user name and a password. It is important that you do not enter any personal data (e.g. name, age, function, address, etc.) when communicating with us.

Who will process my report?

If you submit a report via our online portal SpeakUp, you can choose whether your report should be processed

  1. centrally by the function Compliance Coordination of Nordzucker,
  2. locally by the respective responsible bodies or
  3. by both bodies.

Reports that you submit via another channel will be processed by the function Compliance Coordination of Nordzucker.

Will I get a confirmation of receipt?

Yes, as soon as we have received your report and you have either left your contact details or set up a secured postbox, you will get a confirmation of receipt.

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