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Our SweetFamily brand

Quality and variety for sweet moments of enjoyment

A range of different uses and endless inspiration – the variety of sugar available from SweetFamily makes it easy to enjoy sweet moments in everyday life.

Under the SweetFamily brand, consumers will find a wide range of high-quality sugar products. Whether in Germany, Poland, Slovakia or Hungary – the familiar blue packaging on the shelf points the way to guaranteed sweet variety. 

Our range includes white and brown sugar products made at our factories from sugar beet grown in the region. And that’s not all – cane sugar products and an ever-increasing number of certified organic sugar products made from beet grown ecologically by our contract farmers complete our extensive range. 

This variety is the source of endless inspiration, making it easy for anyone to be creative in their own kitchen and create sweet moments of enjoyment for themselves and their family or friends. SweetFamily provides the right sugar for every taste, occasion and recipe – whether it’s baking biscuits and cakes, making tasty preserves or sweetening beverages and desserts.

Behind the SweetFamily brand lies Nordzucker’s long-standing experience and expertise in regional beet growing, meticulous processing and the development of innovative brand products based on what today’s consumers want. The result is the unmistakable quality of SweetFamily. Product information as well as numerous recipes, inspirational ideas and tips can be found on our SweetFamily websites.

SweetFamily in Germany

Visit our SweetFamily website for Germany.

SweetFamily in Poland

Visit our SweetFamily website for Poland.

SweetFamily in Slovakia

Visit our SweetFamily website for Slovakia.

The extraction and crystallization of sugar takes place in many individual steps. A look behind the scenes provides clarification and is exciting at the same time.

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