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The leading sugar brand in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Dansukker is the leading brand of sugar products in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The brand stands for high quality and reflects a long and proud history dating back to 1872. Today, Dansukker is sold to around 30 million consumers in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

In both Lithuania and Latvia, we use well-known local brands together with Dansukker: Panevezio Plus in Lithuania and Jelgavas Cukurs in Latvia. Both brands are associated with high quality and local traditions.

The Dansukker range contains sugar products for all occasions. As well as classic products like granulated sugar, sugar cubes and syrup, we also offer specialist products such as Jam Sugar, Jelly Sugar Multi and Glucose Syrup. We also have a broad range of organic sugar and various cane sugars. You can find out more about each product on your local Dansukker website.

The extraction and crystallization of sugar takes place in many individual steps. A look behind the scenes provides clarification and is exciting at the same time.

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