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From beet – for beet

Kalvin⁵⁰ results from the production of bioethanol at our facility in Klein Wanzleben. The nutrients for Kalvin⁵⁰ are found in the raw juice, thick juice and molasses from sugar beet.

Potassium as a primary nutrient

Kalvin⁵⁰ is a liquid multi-nutrient fertilizer  whose nutrients come from sugar beet. The primary nutrient in this fertilizer is potassium. Kalvin⁵⁰ is obtained during the production of alcohol using various sugar juice (raw juice, thick juice, molasses). Kalvin⁵⁰ is approved as a fertilizer for agricultural use on arable and meadow land.

Approved for use in organic cultivation

This approved fertilizer is particularly important for organic cultivation (see Research Institute of Organic Agriculture [FiBL]).

Main ingredients
Potassium (KO)4.0 %
Nitrogen (N)2.9 %
Ammonium nitrogen0.3 %
Phosphor (PO)0.8 %
Magnesium (MgO)0.4 %
Sulphur (S)0.9 %
Organic substance41.0 %

Special suitability in agriculture

Kalvin⁵⁰ is particularly suitable for special crops like asparagus and, due to its chloride-free content of potassium, for growing potatoes as well. As a liquid fertilizer, Kalvin⁵⁰ can be spread very precisely with the necessary technology.

Whether soil cultivation, sowing, fertilization, plant protection - the cultivation of sugar beets is audited.

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