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Successful merge of two production factories

Connecting employees for a unified feeling

The sugar factories in Arlöv and Örtofta are merging. Employees from both factories get to know each other at a joint employee day and quickly develop a sense of community.

Merger of two factories in Örtofta, Sweden

Employees from Nordzucker’s two sugar factories in Sweden met each other to get to know each other better and learn about the differences between the work done in a speciality sugar factory and a beet sugar factory. The purpose of this initiative was to prepare the Swedish employees for the upcoming merger between the two locations.

From 2021/2022, sugar production in Sweden will be consolidated into a single factory in Örtofta. Consolidation not only means constructions and modifications, but also the merging of two factory cultures. Under the motto: “Together in one unique factory” an employee day was organized in Örtofta as part of the journey to prepare for this process. “The 30th of August 2019 was a special day. For the first time, both Swedish factories shut down for a whole day so that all the employees in Arlöv and Örtofta could meet for the employee day at the Örtofta sugar factory. This unique opportunity to share knowledge and to build relationships provided a strong platform for the next stages in our process,” says Åsa Runnberg, HR Manager Sweden.

The initiative was a success and aimed to bring together the people who will be part of the future factory in Sweden. The schedule included a tour of the factory and presentations about the project and the construction of the future factory. There was also an exhibition that enabled the participants to learn more about the industry and consumer goods, AGRI, Feed and Safety, Health and Quality (SHEQ).

Get to know our different locations. Sugar is extracted at a total of 21 modern production facilities in a number of countries in Europe as well as in Australia.

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