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Nordzucker Post 05/2020 - 8 October 2020

Second pilot project for transport by rail

In the current campaign, a second pilot project for the transport of sugar beets from Schleswig-Holstein to Uelzen will be carried out after 2005. Two reasons have led to this: As Nordzucker, we no longer sell sugar beet to biogas plants in Schleswig-Holstein. This quantity of beet now has to be transported to the Uelzen factory. Secondly, we can use equipment and containers which are generally available in the transport sector, so no special containers are needed. All in all these two points rather lead to a positive economic efficiency.

In this campaign, approximately 45,000 tons of sugar beets are to be transported by private rail. The railway station for reloading in Schleswig-Holstein is in Jübek. There the sugar beets are loaded into a bunker mouse by the truck that took over the beets in the field. This mouse then loads the beets into a standard railroad container open at the top. 70 of these containers form a train. From the 42nd calendar week until the end of the year, sugar beets are transported to the harbour (Elbe Lateral Canal) in Uelzen. There the beets are loaded onto a truck again and driven to the factory. The rest is routine.

With the support of Nordzucker, the Transport Association of Schleswig-Holstein has taken over the organization. In the end, it will be shown whether rail transport of sugar beets from Schleswig-Holstein to Uelzen is profitable and can thus reduce traffic and CO2 emissions.

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