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Nordzucker Post 1/2024 - 25 January 2024

Lars Gorissen: Standing by our beet growers

Dear readers,

Continuous rain, floods, flooded fields and roads, frost, limited harvesting and logistics, time-consuming processing in the factories – the current campaign is certainly one of the most challenging in recent years, and also one of the longest. The last sugar beet could be harvested late or not at all in some regions due to the heavy rainfall, flooding and frost. In addition, some beets are severely damaged by frost and can no longer be processed. Nordzucker will support beet growers affected by these extreme weather events. The details are still to be decided. It is important for us to stand by our beet farmers.

Farmers are currently protesting – not only against the reduction in agricultural subsidies, but also against ever stricter rules and regulations. We can understand that very well! Like other crops, sugar beet has to cope with growing bureaucracy, but above all with ever new political requirements and restrictions, for example on crop protection or fertilisation – without effective alternatives being identified and breeding potential being harnessed. This has a further impact on the reliability and profitability of beet cultivation.

Farmers and professional organisations successfully and rightly distance themselves from attacks or infiltration by extremist movements. At the same time, there are numerous demonstrations throughout Germany in which people are speaking out against discrimination and xenophobia. In line with our corporate values, we are also convinced that freedom, diversity, and democracy – especially in times of crisis – must be the basis of our coexistence and economic activity. These must be protected, especially now.

Regional sugar production in Germany and Europe is dependent on competitive sugar beet cultivation. Only if the political framework conditions allow for high-yield beet cultivation our sugar factories can operate economically and survive in international competition. An agricultural policy with supportive framework conditions has a direct impact on the sugar industry with its important role in value creation and the direct and indirect labour force in our rural areas.

We need an internationally competitive and sustainable agricultural sector in order to ensure the production of food from agricultural products. This is what we are committed to.

Best regards,
Lars Gorissen, CEO

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