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Nordzucker Post 04/2022 - 25 October 2022

Golden yellow baking delights for autumn: caramelized cakes, home-baked with seasonal fruits and regional organic sugar

With autumn they are back again and invite you to bake: local apples and pears. Whether directly from your own garden or from the fruit farmer around the corner, they are harvested regionally and not far from the tree to the bakery. The same applies to the sugar beet used in SweetFamily organic sugar. They are also grown 100% regionally by long-term contract organic farmers in northern Germany. 

In the form of homemade cakes or tartes, these regional ingredients sweeten the grey days. With new seasonal recipes, SweetFamily by Nordzucker shows how fruit and nut cakes are deliciously caramelized and refined with SweetFamily organic sugar. They all have one thing in common: they glow golden yellow like a sunny day in autumn.

Recipe 1: Quark cake with caramelized apples
For the recipe click on the picture.
Recipe 2: Nut and caramel tart
For the recipe click on the picture.
Recipe 3: Pear tarte tatin with salted caramel
For the recipe click on the picture.
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