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The yellow pea

Nordzucker Plant Based Ingredients relies in particular on the yellow grain pea from regional cultivation for the production of plant-based proteins. It meets all the requirements for economical and sustainable production. It can be grown in many regions and fits well into the crop rotations of farms.

Why the yellow pea?

Yellow pea is the most grown pulse crop in Germany. It has the widest adaption for different soil types and we see an increasing potential in the cultivation area.

Where do our peas come from?

Our target is to contract regionally from farmers in the northern part of Germany. Based on the contracts we can offer our products made of regional peas, which fulfill the requirements for sustainable cultivation and we can guarantee traceability.

What about the cultivation and harvest?

The pea is adapted to every region where wheat is growing. The spring pea is dominating and farmers can sow it in March till beginning of April.

As a legume crop, the pea is able to convert nitrogen from the air into plant available nutrient so it is not necessary to apply any nitrogen fertilizers. Due to the slow development from field emergence to the total covering of the soil successful weed control is very important, just as pest control. Harvest time is parallel to the winter wheat so depending on the region end of July till mid of August.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. We are active and committed in many ways. Our projects show where we currently focus on.

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