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Nordzucker Post 01/2021 - 28 January 2021

Winter assemblies in a different look in 2021

The good news is that there will still be winter meetings for growers at Nordzucker in 2021. But only under the appropriate conditions. This means that the meetings will be held digitally. Growers in the regions will be invited to various dates. Of course, everyone can also attend other dates in other regions.

The winter meetings are planned to be much shorter and the focus is on the past campaign. About one hour should be the duration of a meeting. The managing director of the respective regional sugarbeet growers’ association and the head of Agricenter will essentially present the content. All participants can look forward to welcoming remarks from Dr. Lars Gorissen, CEO and agricultural board member of Nordzucker, and Helmut Bleckwenn, chairman of the DNZ association. Questions from the participants of the digital meeting can be asked in a chat.  The speakers will answer questions following the presentations.

The invitation with a link to the respective meeting will be posted in the closed part of the AgriPortal and on the homepage of the associations. In addition, the invitation is sent to all known email addresses of the growers. After a few clicks, the participant is then in the virtual meeting room.

After these significantly shorter winter meetings, in which we largely exclude content on sugarbeet production technology, further invitations will soon follow in this virtual format. Then, for example, also on beet cultivation topics.

We would be pleased if you, as a grower, would also participate in the winter meetings and the following dates in this way. Let’s stay in touch! 

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