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Nordzucker Post 4/2023 - 8 November 2023

Sustainability at the Nordstemmen sugar factory: New climate-friendly energy distribution system

As part of the GoGreen programme, Nordzucker commissioned a new climate-friendly, fluorine gas-free medium-voltage switchgear in Nordstemmen on 7 September 2023.

In future, the medium-voltage switchgear will act as the centrepiece of energy distribution at the Nordstemmen site. It is one of the first switchgear systems from the manufacturer Siemens in the food production industry in Germany to dispense with the previously used fluorine gas sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) and instead operate with climate-neutral insulating gas “Clean Air”, which consists of natural components from the surrounding air. “With the new climate-friendly electrical switchgear for medium voltage, we are not only making the energy supply to our sugar factory in Nordstemmen safer and more efficient, but we are also reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment. The high investments in our other factories are also building blocks on our path to climate-neutral sugar production,” explained Executive Board member Alexander Godow.

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