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Nordzucker Post 4/2023 - 8 November 2023

Stable campaign underway

With the final start of processing on 11 October at the Nakskov plant (Denmark), all Nordzucker plants have started processing beet. As has been standard practice for several years, Nordzucker processed the organically produced sugar beet first. The Schladen factory started processing organic beet on 8 September, followed a day later by the Clauen factory processing conventional sugar beet and then the other eleven European factories followed. Ethanol production at the Wanzleben plant has been running since 9 October.

Particularly at the start of processing, it is important that employees work with concentration and commitment to quickly reach a high and stable level.

A particular challenge this year is the expected length of the campaign. After the early start, processing across the Group is expected to end at the end of January or beginning of February.

High beet volumes with low sugar content will extend the processing time. The main task will be to organise production as efficiently as possible and not to lose sight of occupational safety given the length of the campaign. Alexander Godow, Chief Operations Officer at Nordzucker, says: “Occupational safety is a top priority for us!”

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