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Nordzucker Post 01/2021 - 28 January 2021

Nordzucker Holding appreciates successful campaign in times of pandemic

The Executive Board of Nordzucker Holding AG thanks everybody involved for their work under the special conditions of the Corona pandemic. Jochen Johannes Juister, Chairman of the Executive Board, emphasizes: “My colleagues on the Executive Board of Nordzucker Holding and I also followed the campaign intensively and are pleased about every day that remained without infections or quarantine cases thanks to the measures implemented by the Nordzucker Executive Board and the consistent and responsible behavior of all employees. As owners of the company, we are pleased that the campaign has now been successfully concluded almost everywhere. Over many weeks, an important and high-quality foodstuff was obtained from the farmers’ sugar beet, contributing to the nutrition and pleasure of many people. For this, our very special thanks.” 

Nordzucker Holding AG is Nordzucker AG’s largest shareholder with a stake of around 84 percent.

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