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Nordzucker Post 2/2024 - 23 May 2024

Lars Gorissen: Together we completed an exceptionally good year

Dear Readers,

The past financial year was the second best in Nordzucker AG’s history – and also one of the most challenging, as the exceptionally long beet campaign showed. Beyond the key business figures, the record year is above all a result of joint efforts: Employees, farmers, logistics partners, suppliers and many other partners contributed to the very good result with their commitment, problem-solving skills and expertise. Our thanks go to them!

The extraordinarily good year gives us the momentum and stability to continue our sustainability and growth strategy. The new Plant Based Ingredients (PBI) business area is one example of this. We are investing more than 100 million Euro in the production of plant-based proteins. A new plant with around 60 new jobs will go into operation at the site in Groß Munzel, Lower Saxony, by mid-2026. We are making good progress. From mid-June, we will be offering contracts to farmers for the planned cultivation in 2025. In addition to growth, PBI also means diversification – in an area in which we have clear expertise: We are in close contact with potential growers and see a collaborative partnership from which we all benefit.  

Sustainability plays a major role not only in the development of the new PBI business segment, but also in everything we do; it is our mission and our commitment. We have strong ties in regional farming; we grow from sustainable roots. We are improving our environmental footprint step by step. In doing so, we work hand in hand with our stakeholders. Sustainability is an integral part of our business.

Nordzucker is also successful because, as an international company with production sites in seven European countries, we pull together across borders. The European Union provides a stable foundation for this, which needs to be strengthened more than ever. With the European elections on 9 June, we not only have the opportunity, but also the duty to help shape democracy in Europe. A consolidated democratic order strengthens the competitiveness of EU countries and promotes open and fair-trade practices worldwide. The European internal market, trade between member states and the regulation of foreign trade are important instruments for agriculture in general and the sugar industry in particular. The laws that determine our work are made in Europe. Hence my request: Use your vote. Strengthen democracy.

Best regards, Your

Lars Gorissen, CEO

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