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Nordzucker Post 04/2020 - 10 August 2020

Investment measures 2020/21

The focus of investment this year will be on increasing efficiency, fulfilling official requirements and replacement investments.

One of the largest investment projects is the structural project in Sweden, which is now in its third year of implementation. Work is currently in full progress on moving the speciality factory from Arlöv to Örtofta. Around 28 Million Euro have been budgeted for this in 2020/21.

The complete renewal of the pulp presses in Nordstemmen is making great progress. This involves replacing the aging vertical presses with horizontal presses, which are more efficient and energy-saving. The new press station is being built at a different location within the factory, so that the planning for this year provides for the construction of the foundations and pulp presses and then the installation of the conveyor system. The final integration into the process will take place next year. Including planning, 13.5 Million Euro will be invested over three years.

During the current maintenance period, a new sugar drying drum (photo) was also replaced in Opalenica for 2.9 Million Euro. The tight schedule and the closure of national borders due to the Corona pandemic led to sleepless nights at times, as parts of the drum were also manufactured in Italy. It is thanks to the high level of commitment of the team that, despite these circumstances, the schedule can be maintained and costs are lower than expected in the plan.

There are also unplanned investments this year. Company-wide measures are necessary due to Covid-19 in order to secure production and delivery capacity. Also storm and campaign damages must be worked up and cause expenses.

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