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Nordzucker Post 04/2020 - 10 August 2020

Contracts with beet growers

For Germany, the contracts from 2021 are signed. The amount issued has been slightly oversubscribed and the free amounts have been distributed. Overall, the number of growers with contracts has decreased by 8 percent. The individual grower signed a higher contract amount on average for almost the same total amount.

For 2021, more than half of the contractual amount has been subscribed to in the three-year contract at a fixed price. In total, almost 90 percent of the necessary volume for 2022 and a large part for 2023 has already been underwritten through the multi-year contracts. A good negotiation result and the confidence in our company and sugar beet are reflected here.

In most other countries, negotiations on the sugar beet delivery contract have also been concluded. Subscription for the growers will follow shortly.

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