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10 September 2020

Under different conditions: 2020/21 campaign

Nordzucker expects sugar beet yields to be average

The sugar beet campaign in 2020 will have a special focus: On September 10, Nordzucker will start processing sugar beets at its German plant in Schladen. Nordzucker has made all preparations to run a good campaign, which is scheduled to end in January 2021 and even under the special hygienic conditions provided by Covid-19.

The first sugar beets of this crop year will be processed into organic sugar at the Schladen factory (Germany) on September 10. The Opalenica plant (Poland) will follow on the following day, and plants in other countries will start processing the beets in the subsequent days. On October 1, the plant in Finland will be the last in the group to start processing.

Drought caused gaps in the field

After a rapid sowing in early April, the beets in some regions initially had difficulties rising due to lack of rainfall. The result was a poor cover of beet on many fields. As in the previous year, there was significantly too little precipitation over the growing season in some regions during the summer. Parts of the growing regions in Germany, Poland and Lithuania were particularly affected. Rainfall towards the end of the summer then led to significant increases in almost all countries. 

Dr. Lars Gorissen, CEO and responsible for the Agricultural Department, affirms: “This year once again shows that sugarbeet can compensate even extreme weather conditions to a certain extent. The upcoming rain has caused significant growth. Overall, we expect an average level of yields for the Group”. With regard to the markets, Dr. Gorissen continues: “We expect stable and balanced conditions on the European and global sugar market. The Covid-19 pandemic subsequently only had a slight dampening effect on demand following the hoarding in March”.

Organic beet will be processed into organic sugar again this year. Additional contracts with growers will lead to expanded production of organic sugar. For Nordzucker, beets from organic cultivation are processed in Schladen, Nykøbing (Denmark) and Kèdainiai (Lithuania). 

End of campaign expected in January

Axel Aumüller, COO, states that plants in all countries are well prepared for the campaign, which runs until January: “Our colleagues in the plants have prepared the factories well for the campaign, even under the challenging conditions. Our hygiene measures for Covid-19 have been implemented in the plants, the primary goal is and remains the prevention of infections. We were also able to implement our investments in the warehousing and logistics areas during the preparation phase. We have the market and the quality requirements of our customers firmly in mind”. 

The second main focus is on further improving the energy balance of the plants. Aumüller continues: “In our “Go Green” project, we are pursuing the goal of further reducing CO2 emissions in our plants and in the long term getting by without fossil fuels. Even in economically challenging times, we are continuing to stay on course in terms of energy efficiency and reducing emissions”.

The start dates of all Nordzucker factories for the 2020/21 campaign:

Clauen15 September
Klein Wanzleben22 September
Nordstemmen18 September
Schladen10 September (organic beet)
Uelzen15 September
Nakskov29 September
Nykøbing 18 September
Örtofta16 September
Säkylä1 October
Kèdainiai 14 September (organic beet)
Chełmża 15 September
Opalenica 11 September
Trenčianska Teplá 16 September


Sugar beet campaign, or campaign for short, is the period of the year during which sugar beet is processed in sugar factories. The campaign usually lasts from mid-September to January.

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