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6 May 2021

Nordzucker commits to science-based climate targets

Nordzucker has joined the Science Based Targets Initiative

By joining, Nordzucker is underlining its goal of producing without fossil fuels. Science-based targets (SBTs) for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are defined by independent climate scientists for 2030. These transparent targets ensure that each company’s emissions reduction is consistent with the level of climate action needed to prevent catastrophic effects of global warming.

“Nordzucker is thereby measurably supporting the achievement of the climate targets from the Paris Agreement,” emphasizes Dr. Lars Gorissen, CEO. “In our company, we think in terms of generations. With our public commitment to science-based targets, we become more transparent on the path to climate neutrality and make our contribution for future generations in a comprehensible way.”

“Go Green” as a programme to switch to renewable energy sources

Sugar is produced in sugar beets through photosynthesis. In Nordzucker’s factories, it is extracted from the beets, thickened and crystallized. This requires heat and electricity, which are generated mainly from natural gas in the company’s own power plants during the beet processing period (“beet campaign”). High energy utilization already characterizes this process.

Nordzucker has reduced CO2 emissions by around 60 percent since 1990. The declared interim goal is to phase out coal completely by 2030 at the latest. “With our current engagement, we are significantly better than the politically required framework.”” explains COO Production Axel Aumüller. “Nevertheless, we have set ourselves more ambitious targets. With our ‘Go Green’ program, we are already working intensively on the conversion to regenerative energy sources. We absolutely need reliable political framework conditions for the immense investment requirements.”

The science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets are one component of Nordzucker’s Sustainability Strategy 2030, which, in addition to climate targets, covers the entire value chain: procurement including beet cultivation, production, products and packaging and, in particular, care for people.
Nordzucker announces detailed information for the annual press conference at the end of May.

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