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5 May 2020

Annual General Meetings postponed

Due to the corona pandemic, we have postponed our annual general meetings to 7 October 2020 for Nordzucker Holding AG and to 8 October for Nordzucker AG. The events are to take place as usual in the Braunschweig town hall. However, this year shareholders will have the opportunity to participate digitally for the first time. Information on online participation will be available to shareholders in advance.

The publication of the annual reports and the annual press conference will take place as planned on May 27, 2020; this year’s press conference, however, will be purely digital.


Nordzucker Group
The Nordzucker Group, based in Braunschweig, Germany, is one of the world’s leading sugar manufacturers. Our sugar beet and sugar cane product range includes white sugar, raw sugar, refined sugar, specialities and liquid sugar. In addition, the company produces animal feed, molasses, fertilizers and fuels from renewable energies as well as electricity. Sustainability along the entire value chain is a high priority. 3,800 employees in 21 European and Australian production and refining plants across the Group strive towards providing excellent products and services and thus form the basis for further growth. 

For queries please do not hesitate to contact Christian Kionka via phone or mail.
Phone: +49 5312411173
Mail: christian.kionka@nordzucker.com

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