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Bee feed

High-quality bee feed based on sugar

Successful beekeeping requires specialist know-how and a great deal of care. Bee colonies must never suffer shortages of pollen, water or energy-rich food. We produce various types of bee feed at Nordzucker, all based on sugar.

Bee colonies can suffer shortages of food when the flow of food from outside is interrupted, even if they have built up their own stores. It is therefore very important for beekeepers to supply their bees with feed after the last honey harvest. This is vital to ensure that bees can continue to breed without interruption.

Ambrosia bee feed is formulated to satisfy the specific requirements of bees and all of the criteria for healthy nutrition. Ambrosia bee feed syrup is very similar to natural flower nectar and is therefore the ideal nutrition for bees. This enables bee colonies to survive the winter without any food shortages. Read more about ambrosia, “Bifor” in Danish or Swedish language.

Our bee feed product produced in Sweden is called Bifor® – it contains inverted sugar, which bees do not need to break down in their intestines. Bifor is a ready-to-use, high-quality product that complies with the highest standards. At the same time, our production method ensures that the sugar in Bifor does not crystallise as long as it is stored above 10 °C. Bifor contains no less than 75 % sugar.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. We are active and committed in many ways. Our projects show where we currently focus on.

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