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The beet – a versatile “recycling miracle”

Sugar is a product of nature. We recycle all parts of our beet, most of which is grown regionally, and thus get the most out of it: in addition to sugar, it is also used to make animal feed, molasses and a natural fertiliser – there is no waste. This is how we understand circular economy. Sustainable packaging is also part of our concept: we have defined clear targets for packaging reduction and want to further increase the share of recyclable material.

In addition, we are also keeping an eye on our transport processes, which we are making more efficient and thus more sustainable bit by bit with the help of data and special software.

A look at the project: Sustainable Agriculture Initiative

There are issues that cannot be considered in isolation but affect all actors along a value chain. In our case, these include the challenges surrounding sustainable beet cultivation. That is why we have been involved in the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) since 2015, together with some of our customers and other market participants. The membership-based non-profit organisation was founded by the food and beverage industry to promote the development of sustainable agricultural practices worldwide.

An important part is the definition of common standards, and so the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) is at the heart of the initiative. With its help, farms can be audited regarding economic, ecological and social aspects – including the handling of waste, the use of crop protection and the working conditions. Depending on the results, farmers are awarded bronze, silver or gold. Since 2019, all our cultivation partners have been included in the process. The silver rating is fixed as a minimum requirement in our supply contracts. In doing so, we rely on joint further development and open exchange with the farmers.

In Germany, we use the European REDcert certification system, which has been aligned with SAI’s FSA standard.

You can find our current certificates here.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. We are active and committed in many ways. Our projects show where we currently focus on.

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