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Nordzucker Post 05/2020 - 8 October 2020

Well underway: Our “crushing season” 2020 in Australia

After a slight weather-related delay in the start of the season, crushing picked up and the season is now well underway.

MSL is well into the second half of the current crushing season, which is currently scheduled to be finished by first half of December. Following a wet and thereby slower start into the season, weather conditions improved over the European summer, the harvest could continue as planned and crushing capacity picked up.

Initial results of the excellent work over the past year, particularly related to the conditions of the sites are visible. However, as always anticipated the work to bring the company back on track, has just started and needs to continue. As an example, improvements in the mill performance reveal bottlenecks in other parts of the business e.g. such as cane supply.

All in all, we expect for MSL a higher than estimated crop and consequently an increase in sugar production compared to last season.

Looking ahead, MSL employees are already in the preparation of the next maintenance period in parallel to the crushing season which starts right after the end of crush in December. In all areas of the business, priorities have been defined and measures are in place to improve performance and to further develop the company according to initial targets.

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