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Nordzucker Post 04/2020 - 10 August 2020

Virtual General Meetings on 7 October 2020

The Annual General Meetings of Nordzucker AG and Nordzucker Holding AG could not take place in the summer as usual this year due to the corona pandemic. Because of the continuing risk of infection and the official requirements, we have to refrain from holding attendance events of this size in October.

The law on measures in company, cooperative, association, foundation and residential property law to combat the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, which came into force on 28 March 2020, opens up the possibility of holding ordinary Annual General Meetings in 2020 without the physical presence of shareholders or their authorised representatives (virtual AGM).

The virtual events will take place both for Nordzucker AG and Nordzucker Holding AG on Wednesday, October 7, 2020. Nordzucker Holding AG will start at 9.00 a.m., Nordzucker AG at 2.00 p.m.

The annual general meetings will be broadcast live on the internet in sound and vision for the entire duration of the event on our Annual General Meeting portal for shareholders who have registered in due time. Our shareholders will receive further information with the invitations to the Annual General Meeting.

A virtual Annual General Meeting is only allowed by law in 2020 in the context of the Corona pandemic. In the coming year, we plan to hold the Annual General Meetings as attendance events again as usual. In addition, however, we want to offer our shareholders the opportunity to follow the Annual General Meetings online in the future and thereby exercise their rights as shareholders.

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