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Nordzucker Post 04/2020 - 10 August 2020

Right on trend – Wide range of jam sugar

Nordzucker, the market leader in organic jam sugar in Germany, has again expanded its product range for the current season. In addition to the well-known 500 gram Sweet Family jam sugar packages in 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1, each as a conventional and organic product, the classic 2:1 (conventional) is now also available as a 1 kilo XXL special offer package in retail stores. Nordzucker is apparently meeting the needs of consumers. More than 50 percent of jam sugar buyers opt for this medium-sweet variant. About 3.5 kilograms of 2:1 gelling sugar are purchased on average per household/per year.

During the jam season, the demand for the jam sugar varieties packed in Uelzen is increasing. The jam sugar is presented in the trade on so-called displays (pallets) and meets the continuing trend towards homemade jams made from regional beet jam sugar. In Germany, more than 20 million packets of jam sugar are purchased in the months June-July.

The various products are this year being advertised via the social media facebookpinterest and instagram and encouraged to make them themselves with recipe ideas and a lottery.

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