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Nordzucker Post 05/2020 - 8 October 2020

rePlan Project in Poland started successfully

The overarching IT-project in Poland, named „rePlan“, made a good start! This is a wonderful message not only in the ears of our colleagues in Poland and clearly is one of the best what we all can get. For sure – for long period the entire project was in question. Not only the corona-lock-down in Europe was a challenge, also some changes in the staff in Poland increased the pressure for the entire project.

But what is it about with rePlan? In Poland we did not “simply” had a project to introduce a single program, like SAP-system or a new logistic-system. Far more than that. All levels of business were involved. The proven system “Plantator” came to end of lifetime. Plantator covered many tasks: weighbridge system (beet and products), beet logistic system, settlement for beet and products, planning-tool. To replace all this in one shot means to lift up all affected departments and externals to a next level.

Luckily, we have a filled toolbox in our Nordzucker Group. It is full with sufficient and up-to-date-solutions. However, you cannot simply take a tool out of the box and use it like a hammer or screwdriver at home. Our experts have to adapt all our “tools” and adjust it to the specific needs. The employees of IT was strongly engaged to adapt the SAP-programs, QIPS employees had to introduce the own, proven weigh bridge system, connect it to lab and to the complex agri!og-system on RMS-level, agri!og with all its many modules had to be transferred to Polish language including all technical devices and needed trainings for internals and externals. Finally all involved people together had the challenge to connect all ends together into a well operating and data-exchanging new system.

Not so good was the lock-down situation due to corona-pandemic. How can you train colleagues or externals on completely new programs? How can you bring over the border technical devices and explain how to mount – be it at scale or loader-machine. No wonder, that Polish colleagues felt like left alone. What they went through was extremely strange situation. So luckily, borders opened one day and traveling was possible – early enough to continue.

After the first few days of this campaign in Poland we can conclude: it works! And it works very well. Sure, still here and there some bugs and issues. Nevertheless, the various systems are successfully connected and they communicate correctly! This is a huge success by many departments of our company. Congratulation to all our experts!

It was visible during the project, that a strong motivation and huge dedication by all participants made them all move ahead – despite all disadvantages. Appreciation to all involved colleagues and thanks to their emphasis and high professional acting. This was possible across different mentalities, characters and traditions.

Furthermore a high appreciation to the colleagues in Poland. They were totally depending on the knowhow of others, their promises and experiences. Moreover, this in times, where they felt left alone due to locked boarders. They withstand this clearly strange situation. Now they reached to have a modern system on high digital standard. Including the growers App with all modern options to communicate with growers and give them advice even with satellite eyes to their beet.

All in all this experience is a very good example for “one company” and is a very good preparation for the S4-HANA-change which started already. There is still some job to do in order to finalize rePlan as a real success-story. All the best to those who have to contribute and all the best wishes to all our Polish colleagues for a good campaign.

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