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Nordzucker Post 02/2022 - 2 June 2022

Prepare what we can!

The effects of the war in Ukraine are putting a strain on global economic relations. Particular focus is being placed on the need to secure energy supplies in the coming winter. For the coming campaign, Nordzucker is doing everything it can to ensure beet processing and sugar production. The beets are growing and the thick juice campaign is running. We are also on schedule with the regular investments and maintenance measures.

We need considerable amounts of fossil fuels for sugar production. This applies to all our factories. The complicated political and economic situation requires us to take a special risk assessment in the run-up to the campaign. At present, we cannot completely rule out a halt to Russian gas exports.

In order not to be surprised by a sudden interruption of gas deliveries during the campaign, we are preparing for this possible scenario. Wherever it is technically possible, we will generate steam and electricity from oil, coal or liquid gas. Corresponding options are being examined for each plant.

Since sugar is an important ingredient in many foods and has irreplaceable functions and at the same time the beet is a perishable commodity, we strive for prioritizing in the energy supply.

We continue to work with great determination on our plan to replace fossil fuels with renewable raw materials for energy production. We can become energy self-sufficient and CO2 neutral by producing biogas or biomethane with about half of the sugar beet pulp left over from sugar beet production and using it for our own energy supply. This is a fascinating idea that requires considerable investment but could be realized in a few years if the right political conditions were in place. The political prerequisite for this is the classification of beet pulp as a CO2 -neutral raw material for energy production.

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