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Nordzucker Post 04/2020 - 10 August 2020

Nordzucker with Corona experts

The Corona era brings new challenges. How can we work together in the campaign if distances cannot be kept? How can administrative tasks be solved without direct contact? Which tools are effective and practical?

A team of experts has dedicated itself to these questions, which are existential for us. One of the main tasks is to ensure the company’s duty of care towards its employees. But not only the care of the employees should be ensured, also the upcoming campaign. This means both the operative and the administrative units. Ideas and possibilities that make it possible to work under corona conditions are developed, tested and processed in this team.

The team of experts is composed of employees from various disciplines. Together they contribute their expertise and stand for effective and feasible measures.

One of the first measures was the development of a guideline with a general overview of corona and the main transmission paths. From this, a decision tree in the form of a flowchart is derived, from which practical support (measures) in technical, organisational and personnel aspects for the main transmission paths can be found. Concrete measures are being pursued for air conditioning systems. For example, the use of UV light to combat viruses is being tested for effectiveness and feasibility. Certainly further ideas, hints and possibilities will follow to make the campaign successful.

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