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Nordzucker Post - 21 July 2022

Nordzucker stands by GoGreen

Even the current developments on the energy markets do not let us lose sight of our goal of climate-neutral sugar production. Nordzucker is adhering to the complete switch to renewable energies by 2050 at the latest, in Germany 2045.

For the upcoming 2022/23 campaign, we are continuing to prepare to supply our factories with the best possible energy. Wherever it is technically possible, we are adapting our plants to be able to replace natural gas with alternative energy sources. The necessary investment budgets have been released.

In responsibility towards our beet growers, customers and consumers, we are setting the course for having bivalent plants as an option for several years. The Nordzucker GoGreen programme with the goal of climate-neutral sugar production remains unaffected. We are also continuing to do our utmost to be able to use our own beet pulp for our own energy use in the future. The only thing that is still missing is political support at national and European level.

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