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Nordzucker Post 01/2021 - 28 January 2021

Spontaneous fruit delight for breakfast rolls

With SweetFamily 1-2-3 fruit spread, spontaneous homemade breakfast treats are easy play even for gelling beginners – and the cooking pot can stay in the cupboard!

In line with the growing consumer interest in regionality and do-it-yourself, this practical product from Nordzucker allows you to conjure up a homemade fruit treat in just a few minutes without any cooking at all. Both fresh and frozen fruit can be used for quick and easy enjoyment. Simply puree SweetFamily 1-2-3 fruit spread with your favourite fruit and you have an unbeatable fruity-fresh treat. The spread can be used not only for that special breakfast moment, but also for desserts, sauces or fruit jelly. 

The ZipLock bag is resealable thanks to its practical zip principle. This means that the pack can be used up easily and completely as needed. Your own delicious preparations are ready to serve immediately. 

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