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Nordzucker Post 3/2023 - 27 July 2023

New from SweetFamily: “Brown organic sugar” from the local region

The “organic family” at SweetFamily continues to grow: after the organic sugar cubes introduced in the spring, the new product “brown organic sugar” is launched on the market in July.

The first brown organic sugar from domestic sugar beet has been produced at the Uelzen plant since mid-June. It is made from 100 per cent North German organic sugar beet from organic farmers in the region according to certified organic quality. With the introduction of an organic brown sugar, we are keeping up with several current market developments: the growth of brown sugar varieties, the continuing increase in demand for high-quality organic products, and the trend towards regional and vegan products.

Are you still looking for inspiration for the next barbecue or picnic? Then we have two summery recommendations for you, where you can try out the brown organic sugar directly: a refreshing lemon lime iced tea:

and a fruity currant nut cake from the tray:

You can find more delicious recipes on the SweetFamily website.

Did you already know?

In addition to the new organic brown sugar, there is already organic sugar, organic icing sugar, organic cube sugar and no less than three different organic jam sugars from SweetFamily by Nordzucker. So the sweet SweetFamily organic product family ensures lots of delight and regional organic enjoyment when cooking, baking and preserving. If you don’t want to miss any more news, subscribe to the SweetFamily newsletter.

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